Answers to frequently asked questions…

Where can I purchase your products?

Please visit our “Store Locator” page for a list of retailers that carry our line.  If you are looking for a specific item, you may contact us at 866-748-8805 or info@kellyhughes.com, and we can direct you to a retailer who carries that product.  You may also visit our retail store at www.shop.kellyhughes.com.

I am a brick and mortar store, web store or home-based business and I want to sell your line.  How do I get started?

Please go to our wholesale page for information on our bulk stock and albums available.  Click on the link on the top of that page to request more information or to download our dealer application and blank stock order forms.

Where can I see the product style numbers?

Hold your cursor over the product image for a few seconds and the style name & number will appear for that product.

How do I care for your tabletop items?

Our placemats are sealed with a heavy laminate and should be wiped clean.  Do not put placemats in the dishwasher.  Our melamine items (plates, bowls, platters & mugs) are dishwasher safe.  None of our tabletop items should go in the microwave.  All are made in the USA and BPA free.

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