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Monogram Guide & Etiquette - Monogrammed Gifts

by Kelly Hughes on October 27, 2019


Learn the proper way to personalize a special monogrammed gift! Monogrammed items make a unique and special gift to give for weddings, holidays and more. Monogramming etiquette can be tricky. Have you ever wondered what the proper way is to format a monogram? Below we touch on monogramming etiquette and some of the most common monogram formats:

SINGLE LETTER INITIAL - Choose either a first or last initial to use, “K” or “H” for Kathryn Hopper. I prefer my first initial if it is going on a personal item, i.e. notecards, vanity tray, etc. I prefer my last initial if it is a family note, serving platter or serving tray.

2 LETTER INITIALS - If you are personalizing for a single person, you would use first and last initials “KH” for Kathryn Hopper. If you are personalizing for a married couple with different last names, you would use first initial of each person’s last name – i.e. Kathryn Hopper and Tom Keating would be “HK”.

3 LETTER MONOGRAM FOR A SINGLE PERSON - A traditional 3 letter monogram would have first initial, last initial in larger size, middle initial, “KHA” for Kathryn Ann Hopper. If a person has a 2 word last name, i.e. “Caroline Ann Van Buren”, you would use first, last, middle “CVA”.

3 LETTER MONOGRAM FOR A MARRIED COUPLE - A traditional 3 letter monogram for a married couple would have her first initial, married name last initial in larger size, his first initial, “KHT” for Kathryn & Tom Hopper.

3 LETTER INITIALS FOR INDIVIDUAL - If you prefer letters to be the same size, use your intials in order “KAH” for Kathryn Ann Hopper.

These are just some of the most commonly used monograms. If you have a monogram situation that is not common and need help figuring out how to format, send us an email or give us a call for help! 

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