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5 Steps to thoughtful gift-giving during the holidays

by Kelly Hughes on October 16, 2020


Once again, the holiday season is around the corner; it is a time for family and friends to get together for celebration, gratitude, and of course, gifts. A mindful gift-giver is to pay attention to the moment and make the gift-receiver feel your heartfelt energy of love and caring. The following are five steps to a practice of thoughtful gift-giving during the holidays.

1. Plan in advance

It takes time to figure out what the gift-receivers are interested in and to think over your choices for thoughtful gifts. So, early planning gives you the time as well as energy to brainstorm for mindful gift-giving. Also, it could avoid stressful last-minute shopping or a quick superficial choice.

2. Prices do not make gifts thoughtful

A high price tag is not an element to make a mindful gift. Don’t focus on the cost of a gift. If you don’t have a big budget to spend, get creative. A photo card with a personal message saying something beautiful is a great meaningful gift.

3. Personalize the Gifts

When you plan a gift, think about what the gift-receiver is passionate about and values, or what could make her or him feel beloved. Then, use it to personalize the gift and show how much you love the recipient. If your sister is excited about having a baby, a gift of a sweet baby blanket and bodysuit could delight her. If your bestie is moving to her favorite new condo, a gift of a serving tray and platter with a heartfelt note is a meaningful one. The love language quiz could help you figure out personalized gifts. If you need help with monogramming, see our monogram guide.

4. Thoughtful gift-giving comes from the heart

A heartfelt card or note could be a mindful gift by itself. Letters coming from the heart make people feel connected. A gratitude or memory jar is also a thoughtful gift. Showing gratitude, love, or forgiveness is a great way to remind people that you appreciate them, and that they are loved. 

5. Presentation matters

Thoughtful gift-giving pays attention to details, which includes how the gifts are wrapped and decorated. For example, you could use pretty fabric to cover a bottle of wine or tie a beautiful ribbon on a box of chocolates.


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