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The Lost Art & Beauty of Note Writing

by Kelly Hughes on February 09, 2022

Imagine yourself a 'personal banker' working at the local bank, where the people are more than pleasant, but the overhead lighting and the confined cubicles detract from the beauty of the day. It can be droll to be stuck inside, and your job is jam-packed with routine. But today is brightened by an unexpected delivery: a small, handwritten envelope addressed to you. You don't usually receive letters, parcels or packages that aren't steeped in corporate fanfare. In fact, the only mail you get your hands on are workplace policy changes and infographics on the latest financial trends.

It's from the young person you helped last week; their first, official bank account was your service to them. You did it well, obviously. The cursive is fresh out of high school with a light pressure that bespeaks, what graphologists would call, a sensitivity and empathy towards people. The note reads a simple, "thank you Ms. So-and-So, for all your help last week. You made the process of opening my first account a breeze! Kind regards, another So-and-So."

You are delighted and surprised at how such a simple and rare gesture could wreak such pleasant havoc on your otherwise orderly day.

Can such a simple yet complimentary gesture change someone's day, mood or mindset in a glorious way? Yes! Though not as common in today's digitally connected world, the handwritten note is an act of gratitude and sentiment. It can be deeply personal or friendly and casual. It is an example of good manners; and good manners, as Emily Post, the etiquette expert once said, "reflect something from inside—an innate sense of consideration for others and respect for self."

So, start gathering your collection of stationery, choose colors and designs that reflect your personality and bring you joy. Check out our monogram guide for monogrammed stationery. Round up some quality writing utensils and a roll of stamps. And a roll of stamps isn't "just a roll of stamps." In fact, stamps are one of the most visible forms of public art. And so it goes, from the stamp to the stationery, to the words composed in kindness, the handwritten note is a demonstration of love and appreciation that can make even the most commonplace of interactions feel special.  


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